Weekly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

9/26/2022 - 10/2/2022

Because of the moon and Ketu in the fourth house this week, you will witness a lack of confidence in you due to your poor health. In such a situation, you have to believe in yourself and accept that courage is the real identity of your own. Once you understand this very well and on the basis of this, you can get rid of a chronic disease. This week, whether it is an office or your business, any negligence can cause you financial loss. So avoid doing anything in a hurry, carry out every task properly. Due to the transit of the moon in the fifth and sixth house in the last phase of the week, those natives or students who live away from home will feel very lonely. During this time, you will find yourself extremely lonely, due to which you may feel a strange tightness around their chest. In such a situation, do not let your loneliness control yourself this week and go out and spend time with some friends when you have time. This week, the favorable aspect of planets will work in your favor to support you. Due to this, you will enjoy success in your career, face some unprecedented challenges and obstacles and achieve progress. This week is going to be very special for the students of this zodiac sign. During this time, you will need to sacrifice your laziness and remain active by participating in physical activities. Also, you will be successful in all walks of life during this week. Remedy: Worship the Moon.