Calendar 2020: Important Festivals, Holidays

Calendar 2020Calendar 2020: A calendar is something which is very important for every household and business. The first thing we need when we want to know the day or date is the calendar. A free printable calendar can help us in the form of a planner, as we can mark all important days and dates and plan accordingly. The calendar which is acceptable universally is the Gregorian Calendar.

There are many calendars other than the Gregorian Calendar which are referred to according to the region or religion of the people. Some calendars are country-specific, as they contain important dates, events and days adhered by the people of a specific country. The calendar of a particular religion is significant for the people who use it for observing the festivals and performing the rituals.

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In India, every calendar which is available in the printable format is referred from the Gregorian calendar for standardised dates. Various calendars are used by the people depending on the religion and interests. There are majorly two types of calendars which are used in India. The two of them are:

Regional Calendar

This is the calendar which is region specific, i.e. depending upon the region and people of that region. These calendars are the ones who mark the holidays according to the region and the festivals and traditions that are followed in that region. Some of the regional calendars include the Hijri calendar, Panchang which is the Hindu calendar, Panchangam which is the Tamil calendar and many others.

National Calendar

The National Calendar, no matter which country in the world, means the calendar which has all the national holidays included, which are an amalgamation of the government holidays along with religious and festive holidays that are celebrated in the country. Similarly, in India, the government holidays as per the Hindu, Hijri, Tamil, Telugu and other calendars are collaborated to form the free Printable National Calendar.

Types of Calendars

Every calendar holds high importance in a specific region or religion and same is with the following calendars which are mentioned below:

Free Printable Calendar 2020

The free printable calendar 2020 is the best mixture of days, months and weeks and it can be easily downloaded to be used as a planner. To proceed with organising the year 2020, the best way is to get the free printable calendar and start with the planning. Use it wisely to mark important days and events, remember a birthday or anniversary or mention the timing of the meeting. Download the calendar and make good use of it.

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Hindu Calendar 2020

This calendar concludes all important days, events and festivals which are regarded as significant by the Hindus. All the important festivals with the muhurat (auspicious time) for performing the rituals is mentioned in the Hindu calendar 2020. The calendar has Hindi days or Vaars and Dates or tithis which can be compared with the Gregorian calendar for conversion to the standard form.

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Islamic Calendar 2020

Islamic Calendar, also known by the name Hijri Calendar, is based on the lunar calendar. It means that the days and festivals are celebrated on the visibility and placement of the Moon. It comprises of all the important festivals and events which are celebrated with great zeal by the Muslims. The Islamic calendar 2020 has all the months and details written in Urdu when it comes to free printable form, but it can also be found in a translated version. The Islamic Year 2020 may begin from 19 or 20 August and concludes a total of 355 days with 12 months.

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Indian Calendar 2020

The Indian Calendar 2020 distinguishes all the holidays and festivals observed nationally. These holidays are celebrated nationally, without any hint of religion or sect, and given highest importance. This calendar is entirely prepared taking into consideration the Gregorian Calendar along with the movement of Moon. this calendar is used by the government to declare the holidays.

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Telugu Calendar 2020

The festivals celebrated by Telugu people are different from the festivals mentioned in the Hindu calendar. This is the reason we have a Telugu calendar 2020 where all the major holidays and festivals for Telugu people can be found. The rituals followed and ways of celebrating usually differ in the Southern part of India. Telugu Panchangam consists of Masam or months and tithis or Dates.

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Tamil Calendar 2020

A composition of Tamil festivals and major festivals of South India makes the Tamil calendar as one of the most important calendars in India. You can refer to the Tamil calendar 2020 to see all the details of the festivals to be celebrated and events that are to be planned for the year. It is arranged as per the lunisolar calendar. Dominantly, people of Tamil Nadu and different Southern states abide by this calendar to observe religious days and events.

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Jain Calendar 2020

The Jain Calendar consists of the festivals and fasts that are important for the Jain people. The dates which are based on their traditional solar calendar are mentioned in the Jain calendar 2020. The Jain calendar provides a significant way to the Jains to plan and organize their holidays in a better way as these are the auspicious days in their life. In Jainism, Diwali is considered as the New Year.

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Bank Holidays 2020

Even the bank employees deserve a break from their hectic routine life. Hence, Bank Holidays gives them a chance to replenish their lost energy and come back with a fresh mind. As internet banking and mobile banking is charting the requirements, electronic flexibility has lessened the burden. Bank Holidays 2020 comprises of a list of holidays declared by the government for the bank employees.

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Public Holidays 2020

Public holidays 2020 enlists the days observed as an off by the government of a country. This gives the people a chance to spend time with their loved ones and take a break from the monotonous schedule. Plan your holidays, picnic or vacation with the family with the help fo calendar comprising of Public Holidays in 2020.

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Chinese Calendar 2020

Other than the calendars which are mentioned above, there are a few other calendars that are found significant when seen from astrological aspects. One such calendar is the Chinese calendar, which can be used in many ways and is important not only for natives of China but also the tourists worldwide. Chinese calendar has the details of all the festivals celebrated in China with utmost devotion and holds high religious significance for the people. This calendar helps people to plan their year in a better way.

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Calendar 2020 comes with a variety of calendars to explore and plan accordingly. This year, you can choose which calendar to see first and note down the important dates and festivals.