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Birth Chart is as old as Vedas and its fundamental apparatus is Birth chart or Natal chart. It delineates the situation of planets set astronomically. The birth chart or horoscope is the graphical portrayal of planets at the time of child’s introduction to the world. The genuine rationale of Astrology is to portray the "Message of Star" reflecting in birth chart. It is helpful with the end goal to decipher different results obtained throughout everyday life. Insert your birth details i.e. your date, time, and place of birth in the below format to get your details as per Vedic Astrology.

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In general, Birth Chart, otherwise called Natal Chart, is considered as an amazing tool. Do you realize what really is the significance of Birth Chart? In basic scenario, a birth chart is a guide of the planets in sky at the time of your introduction to the world. At the time of a child's introduction to the world, distinctive planets involve diverse positions in universe. If this is portrayed in a pictorial shape according to the standards of astrology, it is known as a birth chart.

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Birth chart, also known as Kundli or Janam Kundali in Hindi, generally describes the lifespan of a person. It is grouped among 12 houses. These 12 houses have its own importance which tells about the distinctive areas of everyday life. In genuine, everything is found in the birth chart in the event that it is perused shrewdly by an astrologer. Let’s check how we see these 12 houses are administering our life-:

  1. First House: It indicates your inner world and physical stature. It also shows “Self”.

  2. Second House : It denotes about your wealth, finances and family.

  3. Third house: It depicts about your communication, skills and siblings.

  4. Fourth House : It tells about your land and property.

  5. Fifth House : It reveals your education, knowledge, fun and creativity.

  6. Sixth House: It depicts our debt, diseases and enemies.

  7. Seventh House : It depicts the marriage and spouse’s characteristics. It also shows the relationship with the other person.

  8. Eighth House : It indicates the longevity of the person.

  9. Ninth House : It reveals our higher beliefs and higher learning and education.

  10. Tenth House : It is your house of career and profession.

  11. Eleventh house : It is your house of income and gains

  12. Twelfth House : It is your house of expenditure.

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Significance of Birth Chart or Natal Chart:

  • Birth chart or Kundali would guide you regarding your losses incurring in near future so that you can take a necessary action or apply remedies to avoid any damage.

  • It can manage you with respect to your vocation and which field is appropriate for you or in which zone you can prepare yourself upto the most extreme degree.
  • It can give you the information with respect to your life partner's attributes and marriage.
  • Individuals do see Kuja Dosha in marriage purposes so it gives the answer for the equivalent.

  • It would enable you to show your external environment and surroundings. It would also depicts information related to your friends.

  • It would help you to know about your children and their attributes.
  • It may reveal the information related to your wealth, finances and money. Your potential to accumulate your wealth is also measured through birth chart.
  • It may help you in knowing your futuristic mishaps or accidents in order to take remedial actions to avoid any heavy loss.
  • It would help you to increase your incomes and gains. Areas of utmost profits can also be examined through birth chart. It may inform you about your investments and debts.

  • It may provide the information related to “Self”. Inherent qualities which you possess and how these skills are directed towards the right direction, these all can be seen through Birth Chart.
  • It also tells you the way you interact with the world (world can be either outer world or inner world). It also depicts your reputation in the society or in the world.
  • It tells you the knowledge of Moksha or salvation i.e. whether you will get the Moksha or enlightenment in this birth or not. It can also helpful to decipher the level of spirituality.