Daily Horoscope

What's in my Horoscope today? This is the first thing we ask in the morning. Newspapers, news channels and online websites are flooded with daily horoscopes which help people predict what may happen in their future. Daily Horoscope, also known as Aj ka Rashifal helps to give you a sneak peek to your past, present and future. From forecasting about your day-to-day occurrences to finally predicting about your health, wealth, career, job and marriage, daily horoscopes are everything you need to read while taking a new inning in your life.

Your Daily Horoscope (Horoscope Today)

Brace yourself for all the good things that come in your way today. Find out what's your daily Horoscope has in store for you.

Horoscope Today predictions are based on the positions of the planets, stars and Sun/Moon signs that are posited in your Horoscope or Kundli. Very few people know, but there are different types of horoscopes available all around the world. This is completely based on the astrology you follow to predict the results. The Vedic astrology/Indian astrology gives more importance to the Moon sign while the western astrology pays more attention to the Sun sign. At MyKundli, Moon signs are considered to provide accurate and effective astrological daily horoscope predictions. So, if you want to know your today's Horoscope or daily predictions, click on the zodiac sign and understand what's your destiny store for you.

For Horoscope today predictions, we have a team of best-in-industry astrologers who provide accurate predictions using an individual's birth time, birth date, birthplace and the planetary positions according to your Moon sign. Along with the differences in the signs, Sidereal Zodiac (Vedic astrology) and Tropical Zodiac (Western astrology) also differ in their starting points in terms of calculations. When the calculation is done vertically, then it is termed as Ayanamsa.

Daily Horoscope is the prediction of auspicious or inauspicious events that may occur in an individual's life during the day. Reading daily horoscopes can help you get an idea of what your Day will be like.

It covers a myriad of aspects such as:

  • Any negative thing you may encounter
  • Remedies for combating the negative things
  • Your lucky number for the Day
  • What good things can happen to you
  • Your lucky colour for the Day
  • Status of your health
  • Your Day at home/work/school/college
  • Your achievements/failure in your career
  • Your relationships with family members
  • Your love life
  • Which Gem to wear
  • Things to Avoid
  • Things to do

Horoscope Today, from helping you sail the ship of your love life through the tough times to help you draw positive outcomes in health, wealth and happiness finally, daily Horoscope is everything you need to read while travelling to your workplace or coming back from a cosy space.