Public Holidays 2020: Yearly Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2020Here we are providing you with the complete list of all the public holidays 2020. As we know that India is a country of various cultures, so eventually there comes a number of public holidays in a year. The government has divided the public holidays into three respective categories. Let’s know about various public holidays.

These are mandatory holidays issued by the government. These are optional holidays. These are local holidays in accordance with the states and union territories.


Here is the complete list of public holidays 2020:

Date Day Holiday
Jan 1 Wednesday New Years Day
Jan 14 Tuesday Lohri
Jan 15 Wednesday Makar Sankranti
Jan 15 Wednesday Pongal, Uttarayan
Jan 26 Sunday Republic Day
Jan 29 Wednesday Vasant Panchami
Feb 9 Sunday Guru Ravidas Jayanti
10 Feb Sunday Basant Panchami , Saraswati Puja
Feb 18 Tuesday Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
Feb 21 Friday Maha Shivaratri - Shivaratri
Mar 8 Sunday Hazarat Ali's Birthday
Mar 9 Monday Holika Dahan
Mar 10 Tuesday Holi
Mar 20 Friday Parsi New Year
Mar 25 Wednesday Chaitra Sukhladi
1 Apr Monday Bank's Holiday
Apr 6 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
Apr 10 Friday Good Friday
Apr 12 Sunday Easter
Apr 13 Monday Vaisakhi
Apr 13 Monday Mesadi - Vaisakhadi
May 7 Thursday Buddha Purnima - Vesak
May 7 Thursday Birthday of Rabindranath
May 22 Friday Jamat Ul-Vida
Jun 23 Tuesday Rath Yatra
Aug 3 Monday Raksha Bandhan
Aug 11 Tuesday Janmashtami
Aug 15 Saturday Independence Day
Aug 21 Monday Onam
Aug 22 Saturday Ganesh Chaturthi - Vinayaka Chaturthi
Aug 29 Saturday Muharram - Ashura
Oct 2 Friday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Oct 22 Thursday Maha Saptami
Oct 23 Friday Maha Ashtami
Oct 25 Sunday Dussehra
Oct 29 Thursday Milad un-Nabi Id-e-Milad
Oct 31 Saturday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
Nov 4 Wednesday Karaka Chaturthi
Nov 14 Saturday Naraka Chaturdasi
Nov 14 Saturday Diwali - Deepavali
Nov 15 Sunday Govardhan Puja
Nov 16 Monday Bhai Duj
Nov 20 Friday Chhat Puja
Nov 24 Tuesday Guru Tegh Bahadur's Martyrdom Day
Nov 30 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti
Dec 24 Thursday Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Friday Christmas

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Importance Of Public Holidays 2020

Every public holiday of India comes with social and religious importance. Let’s see what the significance of these public holidays (as mentioned in Public Holidays 2020 calendar) are and why they are meant to be celebrated.

LOHRI 2020

Lohri is a traditional festival of Punjab and is celebrated at the end of autumn. Lohri 2020 will be celebrated on 14th January. On this occasion, farmers express their gratitude towards God for the lush production of crops and harvest the green cultivation with a happy heart. The tale of Dulla Bhatti is famously associated with this festival. Lohri festival observed as holiday mentioned in Public Holidays 2020.


Makar Sankranti is an auspicious festival in Hinduism. This festival is celebrated in different states of India according to their local beliefs. Most of the Hindu festivals are calculated as per the placement of the Moon, but this festival is calculated on the basis of the movement of the Sun. Makar Sankranti 2020 will be celebrated on 15th January as listed in Public Holidays 2020 Calendar. It is also known as Pongal in the southern states of India.


Republic Day marks one of the patriotic days in Indian history, as on this day itself, the Indian constitution was formed and was valid as the governing document. Since then, India celebrates this day as Republic Day. Every year on 26th January (listed as one of the biggest celebrations by Public Holidays 2020 calendar), the Indian president hoists the national flag and enjoys the great parades and tableaus of different states. It is known as one of the national holidays in India.


This festival is celebrated as Saraswati Pooja in Bihar, West Bengal and some regions of Uttar Pradesh. On this auspicious day, devotees venerate Goddess Saraswati to gain knowledge and wisdom. This year Basant Panchami will be observed on 29th January as stated in Public Holidays 2020 list.


Mahashivratri is one of the felicitous festivals of Hindus. According to Indian mythology, on this day Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married and this is why Mahashivratri is considered as a very important and sacred festival of Hindus. 21st February is the day Mahashivratri 2020 will fall. Mahashivratri could be considered as a Holiday, listed in Public Holidays 2020 Calendar.

HOLI 2020

According to the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on the pratipada of the Krishna Paksha in the Chaitra month. One day before the colorful festival of Holi, there is a tradition of burning pyres which is known as Holika Dahan. There are different traditions and rituals of Holi celebrated in particular states. Holi 2020 will be celebrated on 10th March around the country. Holi is one of the important holidays, mentioned in Public Holidays 2020 list.


The festival of Gudi Padwa is celebrated mainly in Maharashtra, and marks the beginning of the Traditional Marathi New Year. According to the Panchang, this day falls on the first day of the Chaitra month. Gudi Padva will be celebrated on 25th March this year as per Public Holidays 2020 calendar.


Mahavir Jayanti is a significant festival in Jain religion. This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Mahavir. In Jainism, Lord Mahavir was the last Tirthankara. People in Jainism commemorate this day with great joy and devotion. Mahavir Jayanti 2020 will be celebrated on 6th April listed in Public Holidays 2020 list.

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Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is one of the most auspicious festivals in Sanatan Hindu religion. People who donate and perform bath, yagna and mantras on this day get eternal benefits and salvation. This year, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 26th April as also mentioned in Public Holidays 2020 list.


Eid-al-Adha or Bakra Eid is a most important festival of the Muslim community. This day is remarked as the day of sacrifice when Prophet Ibrahim offered the life of his Son for the wellness of people. To celebrate this festival, people sacrifice a goat and distribute between their friends, family and poor and cook it after. This year Bakrid or Eid-al-Adha will be celebrated on 30th July listed by Public Holidays 2020 calendar.


India celebrates its independence on 15th of August every year. Our country got freed from the hands of the Britishers on 15th August 1947. On this day, The Prime Minister of India addresses the nation with a speech and raises the tricolour flag at Red Fort. It is one of the gazetted national holidays 2020 of India.


Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful day celebrating the love of brothers and sisters. On this auspicious day, sisters tie a thread called Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. Rakhi symbolises the love and unbreakable bond between the siblings. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Shravan month. Public Holidays 2020 list shows that Rakhi will be observed on 3rd August this year.


Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra, and marks the sense of unity and devotion. Although, in modern times, this festival is observed nationwide and commemorated with immense love. The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi lasts mostly three days. During the ceremony, people establish the clay idol of Lord Ganesha at their home. This year as per Public Holidays 2020, Ganesh Chaturthi will fall on 22nd August.

ONAM 2020

In the Malayalam month of Chingam, Kerala celebrates the festival of Onam. This day, people remember King Mahabali. People of Kerala believes that every year on the occasion of Onam, the spirit of King visits the state. It will be celebrated on 22nd August as per Public Holidays 2020 list. Celebrations on this day include feasts, folk performances, boat races known as vallamkali, traditional games and much more.


Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October; hence every year this day is observed as Gandhi Jayanti. It is listed as one of the national holidays in Public Holidays 2020 calendars. It has been announced as a national holiday in India. India remembers the father of Nation, every year on this day and tries to walk in his footsteps with utter devotion.


Dussehra is one of the divine festivals of Hindus. It signifies the victory of good over bad. According to Indian Mythology, on this day Lord Rama killed Ravana and emerged victoriously. In some regions of India, this festival also goes by the name of Vijayadashmi. Public Holidays 2020 explains that It will be celebrated on 25th October this year.


The festival of Diwali is primarily dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Mahakali. According to Indian mythology, on this very day, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of banishment. People of Ayodhya welcomed him with candles, diyas, and flowers. According to Public Holidays 2020, Diwali will be celebrated on 13th November.

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Christmas is the main festival in the Christian community and celebrated all over the world as a day of love and faith. This day marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. People decorate their house with x-mas tree, balloons, balls and stars. Every year, Christmas is celebrated on 25th Dec. Other calendars along with Public Holidays 2020 calendar have mentioned the same about Christmas celebration.

We hope that you found information on public holidays in India useful. Keep coming back for more.