Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Horoscope

Health: Aquarius Health Horoscope 2021 for this year predicts that Aquarius natives may suffer from health-related troubles, because your sign lord Saturn is posited in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign, hereby giving rise to problems such as foot pain, gas, acidity, joint pain, indigestion, cold, cough etc. Due to such circumstances, you won’t be able to focus well on your goals, which is why you are required not to overlook such situations and visit the doctor as soon as possible. Ignoring this can further worsen and turn into a big problem. Majorly, you will have to take special care of your health from April to September as per Aquarius Health And Fitness Horoscope 2021.

Career: Aquarius Career Horoscope 2021 by AstroSage reveals that the year 2021 for Aquarius natives proves to be a little worrisome in terms of their career. You will have to go through many types of ups and downs this entire year. Also, you have to learn to be moderate and wise this year as well. In the beginning, your colleagues at your workplace will fully support you, due to which you will be able to complete every task on time. Those thinking of changing their jobs will incur favourable results in the months of January, April and May as predicted by Aquarius Astrology Forecast 2021. You are advised to remain cautious in the months of June and July because with the transit of Mars in the sixth house, it is most likely that your opponents will remain active and try everything in their power to create obstacles for you. According to Aquarius Yearly Predictions 2021, the duration from the last week of July to September will be favourable for you. You will get favoured by luck and make significant progress. You may get transferred in the month of October. Career Predictions 2021 for Aquarius natives indicate that the last month of the year, i.e. December is also going to bring success for you. Natives doing business will get a chance to go on numerous work-related trips. July, August and December are the most profitable months for traders. So continue your hard work and efforts at this time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: According to Aquarius Love Horoscope 2021, this year will be favourable for love life, as your beloved will succeed in taking away your heart with his/her adorable gestures. The intensity of love will remain high in this period as per Love Horoscope 2021 For Aquarius natives, due to which both of you can think of moving forward in this relationship and taking a big decision. The transit of Jupiter from April in your sign will impact your fifth and seventh house, as a result of which you are most likely to get married to each other in the latter part of the year. Although this year will be good for you as indicated by Aquarius Love & Relationships Yearly Predictions, still you will need to make more efforts towards understanding the situations your partner is surrounded with as it is possible for him/her to go far away from you due to work-related matters, which can make you upset.

Advice: Wear Venus-ruled Diamond gemstone or best quality Opal on any Friday. This will help you attain good fruits. You should wear these gemstones in a silver ring only on the ring finger. If you suffer from any health-related problems, then one of the useful remedies as per Aquarius Horoscope 2021 is to adorn a Bicchoo Jadi or Dhatura Jadi or Root on your right arm or around the neck on any Saturday. Wearing Char Mukhi (four-faced) or Sath Mukhi (seven-faced) Rudraksha will also prove to be auspicious for you. Feed the bread daily to the cow and offer water to the Peepal Tree every Saturday without touching it. Offering flour to ants on Saturday will help to get rid of several problems.. In case you are unable to succeed in any of your tasks, then it will be beneficial for you to provide a full meal to any handicapped person. Every Friday, worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and recite the path.

General: Aquarius Horoscope 2021 by AstroSage offers Aquarius ‌life predictions 2021‌ which shed light on several important occasions, situations and circumstances in the lives of Aquarius natives in 2021. At the beginning of this year, you will attain immense success in your workplace. The months of September and December proves to be highly profitable for you. As per Aquarius Yearly Horoscope ‌2021, there are high chances of businessmen and merchants enjoying financial benefits during this time. Although try and avoid trusting others during June-July. This year seems to incur unfavourable outcomes for Aquarius natives in financial life as the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will give rise to an unexpected increase in your unwanted expenses. Astrology Predictions 2021 indicate the Aquarius natives to remain cautious when making any transactions during this time as there are chances of monetary loss. Talking about students, the year is going to be very favourable for them. You will get the fruits of your hard work, but Shani Dev will make students who are preparing for competitive exams wait a little longer. Students will be supported by their teachers at this time. Talking about family life as per Aquarius Yearly Horoscope ‌2021, you will get less favourable results this year. You may have to move away from your family due to some reason, and the new place can make you feel uncomfortable. Any of the chronic diseases can make a comeback in case of your father, which may stress you out According to Aquarius Horoscope‌ ‌2021‌, the year 2021 will be good for natives who are married. You will attain the support of your spouse, with the help of which you will succeed in gaining wealth as well as respect. In this duration, every argument and dispute between you too will come to an end. Luck will favour your children and they will be able to perform well in their studies or work. Time seems extremely good for your love life. You will strive towards strengthening your relationship with your beloved and may tie the knot after mid-year. As per Aquarius Yearly Predictions 2021, your partner will have to go away from you at the beginning of the year due to some reason. In such a situation, stay updated about their whereabouts and share your feelings with them as well Due to the impact of planetary transits, this year is going to be average for Aquarius natives in terms of health, as they will continue to face minor health-related troubles occasionally due to the aspect of Saturn. Treat them well and remain alert during the time from April to December as revealed by 2021 Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius natives.

Finance: As per Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2021, Aquarius natives will get less favourable results in financial life this year. Because from the beginning of this year till the end, the Lord of Karma Saturn will remain posited in your twelfth house, thereby weakening your financial situation. During this period, there will be a sudden increase in your expenses, and you will fail to curb them even if you want to. Your financial situation can worsen if you fail to control your spendings on time as predicted by Aquarius Money Horoscope 2021. This unfavourable situation will stretch from January to April. During this time, planet Jupiter will also remain in this house of your sign till April. In this duration, you will be seen handling your finances and expenses. After this, the situation will improve by mid-September according to Aquarius Financial Horoscope 2021, but by the time you think about accumulating wealth, your expenses will double. Especially from September 15 to November 15, you will be seen spending money on religious activities and charity work. On the other hand, if you focus on saving your money and accumulating your wealth from the beginning of this year, then Money Horoscope For Aquarius 2021 indicates that you will be able to make your financial life a little better in the months of January, February, April, May beginning, September and December.

Family & Friends: According to Aquarius Family Horoscope 2021, the natives of Aquarius sign may face some problems in their family life this year, as shadow planet, Rahu will remain in the fourth house from your zodiac sign, due to which you can go away from your home because of work purposes. in such a case, you will be able to devote less time to your family, and as a result, differences between the both of you can arise. Those who live in a rented house will attain favourable results. During this time, you will spend your money on your family with an open heart as per Aquarius 2021 Family Predictions. In order to fulfil your responsibilities as well, there will be spendings, which can leave you financially burdened. Your younger brothers will face problems during this time, whereas you can get into an argument with your elder siblings on any topic. As predicted by Aquarius Family Horoscope 2021, the ill-health of your parents can mentally stress you out. Hence, it would be better for you to spend time with your family and share your feelings openly