Aquarius December Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

Health: You will be full of vitality, enthusiasm and lively spirit this whole month which will also have a positive impact on your health. The position of the Mars in your tenth house from 05th of December indicates that this is the right time to lose extra fat from your body. So, take up the new exercise regime and inculcate new dietary habits in your routine, helping you to achieve the same. This placement of Mars is likely to provide you with positive benefits of any physical exercise that you indulge in right now. However, the movement of the fourth house lord Venus in the twelfth in conjunction with Saturn can sometimes make you anxious about your health and paranoid even at the pretext of small problems. This could be further aggravated by the aspect of the eighth house lord Mercury on your fifth house. So, relax and consult your doctor immediately to assure instead of excessively worrying about the problems. Old people belonging to this sign may face some nerves related issues, especially in the back region. However, people suffering from abdominal issues or digestive problems are likely to get a huge relief from the change of treatment. The position of Jupiter in your ascendant this whole month indicates that optimism and happiness are the keys to a healthy life, so remaining positive without stress will keep problems at bay in terms of health.

Career: This month, as far as the profession is concerned, some wonderful results are in store for the Aquarius natives, resulting in rapid and fast growth, professionally. The movement of Mars in your 10th house of Career, in its “Digbala” position, or directional strength will make you confident, assertive and optimistic. As Mars also governs the third house of your horoscope and present in the 10th is auspicious and indicates that during this month your efforts will be in the right direction bringing you desired results. You will be action-oriented and courageous helping you effectively complete the projects that have been lingering for long. This will help you achieve higher pistons of authority in your organisations. Those willing to shift from being salaried to self-employed are likely to get favorable opportunities with the movement of the Sun in their eleventh house from 16th of December. Those in marketing and sales are likely to cover their targets easily, putting them in the good books of their employer. Overseas trips for businessmen are on the cards, bringing them desirable profits. However, you may have to utilise all their skills and resources at their disposal to achieve great results. The presence of Mars in your 10th house can make you go for quick results, resulting in impulsiveness and aggression. This can sometimes also make you overly critical, resulting in clashes with colleagues and partners. So, be careful and try to keep a check on your temper. As Jupiter is positioned in your ascendant, which indicates that teachers, healers, doctors will be at the receiving end of favorable results.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: This month your love life is likely to go smoothly and without any interruptions or problems as the aspect of two benefic planets, Jupiter and Mercury will be there during the whole of the month. Your relationship with your partner will blossom during this month and you both will feel closer to each other than you have done ever before. As Mercury is also your eighth house lord, aspecting your fifth indicates that you might even get a surprise gift from your partner. It is an opportune time for the couples committed in relationships to seek approval of their parents and give their relationships a new dimension. Good time for the single natives to convey their heartfelt emotions to the person whom they have a liking for, as it is very much likely that they will get an affirmative response in return. Married natives might see their relationship heading back on track, as both of you will be willing to resolve the differences that erupted in the past. The planetary position also indicates that you will get adequate support from your wife, emotionally and financially, both. Try and spend as much time as you can with them, and try to put their needs ahead of yours. This will further enhance your relationships and help to form a special bond in the relationship between you two, so do not waste this opportunity.

Advice: Recite or listen to stories related to Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu as it is associated with Saturn. Recite Saturn Mantra “Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah” daily during the Saturn hora. Donate to the poor. Worship the peepal tree. Remove the things or clutter from your house that are no longer useful for you.

General: The month of December will start on a positive note for the Aquarians as the movement of Mars in its directional strength will provide lots of benefits for the professionals and salaried people. Businessmen will also get a lot of opportunities to expand their operations. However, you are advised to stay away from aggression and impulsive actions. In personal life, spending quality time with your family members during this month will help improve your relations with them. However, you will enjoy a great relationship with your children and your siblings will witness great growth in their fields. As far as finance is concerned, this month is good for making new investments. You are also likely to get good financial benefits from your spouse. So, try and fulfil their needs before yours and spend as much time with them as possible. Single natives may get an opportunity to profess their feelings to the person they like. Committed couples may see their relationship blossom and they may seek their parents’ approval in order to take the next step. Productive month for students, especially those who are preparing for competitive exams. This month will also be special for the students participating in athletics, sports and also for those seeking education abroad. Healthwise, a good time to burn extra calories by taking up new exercise regimens and diet. Overall, a good month for health, however, you are advised to avoid being anxious over minor ailments, instead consult with a doctor immediately to know the seriousness of the problem. Overall, the end of the year is likely to finish on a high for Aquarians and will pave the right platform for the next year to come.

Finance: The second house lord Jupiter present in the first house or ascendant is indicating that though you may be concerned about savings, unprecedented and unexpected burdens could make your financial budget go haywire. However, you can turn it into your favor by minimising your expenses and avoiding unnecessary expenditure. However, the position is likely to improve from 08th December with Mercury, the fifth house lord aspecting its own 5th house. This indicates that you may come across some new financial schemes this month. It is also the best time for you to invest in various portfolios or schemes as they are likely to provide you with good returns. However, still, it is suggested to the opinion of some elders of the home or experts of the field before reaching the decision. Your pending projects and arrears may provide you with some stress. However, the position of the seventh house lord of spouse, the Sun in the eleventh house indicates that you spouse will fully support you in terms of finances, They may also help you clear your previous dues and balances. Also, there is a strong indication that towards the end week of the month, you might also get back your previously loaned money or dues. This will improve your financial position considerably. Also, it is advisable to invest a part of this money in some schemes from which you can get the benefit later on. Also, not a favorable month for dealing with property matters or undertaking any construction-related work.

Family & Friends: For the Aquarius Moon sign, the aspect of the ascendant lord Saturn on the second house and second house lord Jupiter present in the ascendant indicates that this month will provide interesting results as far as family is concerned. You are advised to spend quality time with your family members, this will bring betterment in terms of family relationships. Planning a small get together or hosting some auspicious event at your place is likely to bring you close to your family members. However, younger siblings are likely to receive promotions and increments in their respective fields. They will get the right opportunities to grow during this month. The position of the Sun and Mercury in your eleventh house having an aspect on the fifth house may result in you enjoying a blissful relationship with your kids. This position also indicates that you will be actively involved in religious and philanthropic activities, increasing your name and fame in the society. The presence of the lord of the fourth house in the 12th with the 12th house lord indicates that the health of your mother may remain in low spirits during this month. So, take proper care of her. The relationships with the father are likely to improve, however, certain differences over small matters cannot be ruled out. The planetary positions are also indicating beneficial results or profits from the spouse’s family or from your in-laws’ side. Overall, a mixed month in terms of family life