Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

7/22/2024 - 7/28/2024

At this time, you will need to understand that instead of stressing out your body, it is only appropriate to address the cause of stress and take actions to resolve them. You will have to try to keep yourself stress-free this week. Due to Jupiter being placed in the third house with respect to the moon sign, those who were blowing out their money without much thinking, may need a lot of money this week. So, during this time you can understand what is the importance of money in life. So act like a responsible person, keeping a check on your expenses. Due to Saturn being placed in the first house with respect to the moon sign, a short visit to a relative's place can prove to be very relaxing during the busy days with a tight work schedule. During this time you will be able to give enough time to your family. In such a situation let them feel that you care for them. For this, spend a good time with them and do not let them complain about anything. This week you may face troubles moving ahead in Career accurately. But considering yourself to be paramount, at this time you will stop yourself from seeking the help of others. This may cause you to see failure in the future. This week, students will need to keep working hard, because during this time their ability to understand will be better. In such a situation, you should avoid any sort of bad company, which distorts your attention and engage yourself completely in preparing hard for the upcoming exams Remedy: Donate food to old age Brahman on Thursday.