Pisces July Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Health: According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month is likely to be weak from the health point of view, hence you will have to pay special attention to your health. First of all, Planet Saturn can increase physical problems by sitting in the twelfth house in a retrograde state. You may have problems like watery eyes, pain in the eyes, pain in feet or heels, injuries or sprains. Secondly, Nodal Planet Rahu will be present in your first house throughout the month, which will give you a careless attitude. If you do not pay attention to your stubbornness, you may fall ill. Lord Saturn will fully aspect on Planet Mars which is sitting in the second house, due to which you may feel pain in teeth or burning sensation in eyes or any problem regarding hair, hence you should be a little careful. Mercury will also enter the same house from 19th July and there will be technique and perfect vision of him. Then, you will prevent yourself from these problems to some extent and you can live a healthy life.

Career: According to the Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month may bring mixed results with respect to the career-point-of-view. If we talk about the natives doing a job, the lord of the tenth house Planet Jupiter will remain present in the third house for the whole month and from there it will aspect on their seventh house, ninth house, and eleventh house. The coworkers working with you will be ready to work with you due to which your performance will increase. Planets Sun and Venus will completely aspect the tenth house of the natives from the fourth house in the first half of the month, which will be favorable for their job and they will get progressive results. Planet Sun, the lord of the sixth house, will remain in the fourth house in the first half of the month, and after that will come to the fifth house on July 16, this will make the first half of the month favorable. The unemployed natives may get a job in the second half of the month, and those who are doing a job may exit from the current job and they will get a new desired job. From 12th July, Planet Mars while sitting in the second house of the birth chart of the natives will fully aspect on the tenth house, due to which your braveness and might will increase and you will not accept defeat from the difficult challenges. You will progress in things by working hard, due to which positive results will be attained in the workplace. The natives doing business will also enjoy a good time, because the lord of the seventh house Planet Mercury will remain with you in the first half of the month and progress will be there in the business. You will get the company of experienced and respected people which will be helpful for your business due to the aspect of the teacher of the deities Planet Jupiter on the eleventh house of your birth chart. However, due to the presence of Nodal Planet Ketu in the seventh house, your relations with your business partner may seem in turmoil, due to which your business may get affected. You have to try to avoid this problem. In the second half of the month, July 19th, will come into the sixth house, so you may have to make new investments related to your business. But, you must stay relaxed because the aspect of Jupiter is taking care of the seventh house, so the business would run fine.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, talking about your love relationships, then in the first half of the month Planet Mercury will be present in the fifth house. Due to which you will not hesitate in saying your heart’s feelings to your beloved. Dialogue between you both will improve and you both will come close to each other by saying love-filled words to each other and you both will see your love scaling heights. On 7th July, Planet Venus will also come there, that will also increase the romance in your relationship. Not only will you feel love but you both will like to spend more and more time together. This will also make your relationship more mature. All will come to the fifth house of your birth chart from 16th July. Then, you may say some words which will be full of ego, but the person whom you love, you have to tolerate tantrums from whom you love. So, this time will pass away happily. Planet Ketu will remain present in the seventh house for the whole month which may give unnecessary problems. Some misunderstandings may arise in your mind toward your life partner and some doubts may also take birth. Remember, doubt is the biggest poison that may end any kind of relationship.In such a situation, you should be careful and if you have any kind of doubt then you should clearly discuss it with your spouse so that you can be aware of the real situation and can come out of these problems by the grace of Teacher of the deities Lord Jupiter. You should also put in your efforts as it plays an important role in maintaining your relationship.

Advice: The natives must recite ‘Shree Durga Chalisa’ daily with routine. The natives should also chant Goddess Durga’s mantra “Om Dum Durgaye Namah” daily. The native should recite “Shree Bajrang Baan” every Tuesday and every Saturday. The natives should feed Brahmin with food on every Thursday and should gift study material to the students.

General: July Monthly Horoscope 2024 predicts that this month for the natives of Pisces zodiac will grant medium or average results. This month you should pay special focus on your financial situation and health because you may have to face challenges in both of these sectors. The presence of Planet Saturn in the retrograde position in the twelfth house of your birth chart for the whole month will not only increase your expenses , but it will play an important role in increasing your health problems. You should be ready at every moment to improve your health. Due to the presence of nodal Planet Rahu, you will carry a careless attitude that will give birth to health problems. Planet Mars situated in the second house of your birth chart will give monetary benefits but it will increase anger in the speech of Pisces natives that may become the reason for stress in the relationships. There are chances of happiness and peace in family life. The love relationships between the siblings will have time and intensity. With the help of any friend, your love life will also become more exciting and lively. The married natives may face some challenges and your life partner may make some mistakes in understanding due to which misunderstandings may arise and doubt can arise. The student natives will stay favorable to women and due the achievement of fascinating results in your education, your self-confidence may increase. The natives doing a job will have a good time and you will receive positive results in your job as a result of your experience and skills. The natives doing a job will also receive favorable results, but there may be a need to stay alert, because some misunderstandings may arise with their business partner.

Finance: According to the Monthly Horoscope 2024, you have to pay a lot of attention to the financial situation this month, due to the presence of Retrograde Saturn in the twelfth house of the birth chart of the natives of Pisces for the whole month. It will increase your expenses regularly, and if you will not be able to control these expenses, then you may face some problems. In the first half of the month, Planet Mars will be present in the second house in its own zodiac Aries will increase the nature and intent of accumulating the money of your. Now, you may invest in some new plans very fast due to which good conditions of accumulating the money will be created and your bank balance will increase. You will receive Foreign currency and yogas receiving money from foreign countries will become strong . Some expenses may occur but you will also receive money and you have to take care that you will invest your money in the right way at the right time, so that you may not face any problem in future. Otherwise, this month may give huge problems in the form of expenses. The transit of Planet Mercury in the sixth house may also become the reason for the increase in your expenses, you have to pay attention to all these things.From 12th of July, Planet Mars will leave the second house and will transit in the third house of your birth chart and will aspect on the sixth house of your birth chart, due to which there will be a decrease in your expenses and you will start receiving money due to your personal efforts.

Family & Friends: According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month is likely to be fine for the family. First of all, if we talk about your family, Mars is placed above its own sign in the second house, which shows strength in the family. Mutual love will remain intact, but due to the aspect of retrograde Saturn on the second house, there may be fights, quarrels and arguments from time to time. Therefore, some caution would be required. These problems will reduce as Mars enters the third house on 12th July. You should sit and talk to your family members and if there is any dispute, it should be resolved in time. Sun and Venus will be present in the fourth house in the beginning of the month, when the respect of the family will increase and the status of the family will improve in the society. The family income will also increase. In the latter half of the month, some property related problems may arise due to Sun and Venus transiting into the fifth house and Mercury, the lord of the fourth house, transiting into the sixth house. Your mother's health may also be affected, but if she is working, she will be able to get good success in her work field. Your siblings will be good to you and you will also be good to them. You will get happiness and prosperity from brothers and sisters and they will stay with you. Seeing you supporting him in his plans will make him proud of you and your love will remain intact. In the latter half of the month, when Mars enters the third house on July 7, you may face some problems with your siblings. In such a situation, you should avoid any kind of debate. Rather, it should be understood that time in life is never the same, if you spend a little time in peace then everything will be fine.