Taurus May Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

Health: From a health point of view, the month will be full of ups & downs. At the start of the month, the horoscope lord Venus will be positioned in the twelfth house along with the Sun and Jupiter. Thus, people with diabetic situations or problems need to be careful during this period. The natives keep a close eye on their eating habits, or else there can be concerns especially related to stomach ailments due to excessive fat food, and eating excessive amounts of outside food. The second half of the month will be favorable for the natives. With time, Sun and Venus will come together in the first house; whereas Mercury & Jupiter will have their influence in the twelfth house. There will be chances of slight improvements in the health issues and the presence of zodiac lord Venus in your zodiac will strengthen the overall health. Try to make a new routine that supports your health in the coming times as well.

Career: From a career point of view, they will be very favorable for the natives. Saturn, the lord of the tenth house will stay in the tenth house for the entire month, and thus the natives need to do hard work for the outcomes. All the attention should be towards the improvement of performance in the job and the hard work will be strong. The natives will face different kinds of situations firmly. At different timelines, the natives might feel the pressure of work, but you’ll keep the challenges aside and work only for things that will give positive results. There can be an increase in salary in the second half of the month. The month will also bring happiness to the life of natives. The influence of planets ensures taking care of the relationships with senior officials and prevents any type of deterioration, or else problems can arise. Also, the start of the month will be favorable for businessmen and their ambitions will also increase. Your interest will be to expand the business more and the chances of colliding with some people will result in a fight and it will become the cause of trouble in your life. Be careful with these people and the focus level will be high at work. Achieve new heights in your business and the success rate will be high. Be cautious in hiring new people for the business.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: If we talk about the love life of natives, the planets like Mars, Mercury, and Rahu will have an influence on the fifth house, and the Ketu sitting in the fifth house will result in a fight within the love life. There will be a war of words between partners and there will be a strong possibility of clashes of ego. Mercury loves to Aries on the 10th of the month and the situation cannot be said favorable for the natives. But there will be some kind of relief for the people as compared to earlier times. Talk with your beloved partner carefully this month as you’ll never know which words of yours will make them feel bad. Don’t try to be creative with your artificial words and try to be normal. Talk loving words with your partner and also know the heart. It will save the relationship. The start of the month will be favorable for married people and also get funds through your life partner. There will be a lot of penetration in the social sector and you will get the chance to meet new friends & people in the circle. The association of Rahu with Mars and the presence of Mercury will ensure the rise of debate by being involved in counter-intuitive conversations. On May 19, coming to the first house on Friday in Taurus will look into the seventh house and the time will be filled with romanticism. Enjoy romantic time with your spouse and there will be bliss in your married life.

Advice: On Friday, prepare Kheer with rice and offer it to Mother Durga, and then take it as the prasad or blessing. Every day touch the feet of little girls and take their blessing to get all the work done timely. Also, in the second half of the month, wear a top-quality opal stone on the ring finger on Friday. Offer green fodder and green vegetables to mother cows and it will lead to different kinds of benefits.

General: The month will have mixed results for the Taurus natives. You’ll be able to perform better, despite different challenges in the workplace. The position of the natives in their profile will remain strong and thus make a name for themselves with hard work. The desires of the businessmen will remain strong in their respective fields and thus will be able to take the business forward. The chances of success in the business are very high. The expenses with remain at the top pace at the start of the month and the income levels will also be good. Still, the natives need to keep the expenses under control and there can be ups & downs in your health condition. There are also high chances of going abroad because of different activities or governmental tasks. Also, the students will face ups & downs in education and there will be both love & disputes in the relationships. There will be sunshine in your married life.

Finance: If we speak about the financial situation, then the natives need to think about their financial challenges this month. At the start of the month, Jupiter, Sun, & Venus will sit in the twelfth house, and Saturn also aspects with them, resulting in the rise of excessive expenses. You need to spend more, no matter how hard you try, and this puts financial pressure on the natives. The presence of Rahu, Mars, and Mercury in the eleventh house can provide some relief to the natives, which will result in good income levels and thus ensure free spending. On the 14th of the month, the Sun enters the first house and Venus enters the first house on the 19th and will also leave the twelfth house. After it, there will be some reduction in expenses and due to it the financial condition also starts improving. The second half of the month will be favorable if you want to make any investment and it can provide benefits in the coming years. It will be beneficial to make investments keeping in mind the movement of the market.

Family & Friends: The month will remain moderate in regard to your family life and the chances of going abroad or out of the city for work are real. Thus, it results in providing less time to the family members, and thus social engagement increases. Due to this, the natives will have less time for the family. Saturn will sit in the tenth house and look at the 12th, 4th, and 7th houses. But, Sun will sit in the twelfth house and Saturn will have the full aspect on it, thus do careful conversation with your father as it will affect both of you. Mercury, the lord of the second house will sit with Mars & Rahu in the eleventh house and the family peace is disturbed due to a war of words with the family member, so be a little careful about it. The attitude of brothers & sisters will remain cooperative and the aspect of Devguru Jupiter on the fourth house will ensure the start of calming down of family troubles. In the second half of the month, the Sun moves into the first house on the 14th of the month. It will ensure favorable conditions for the natives and there will be harmony within the family.