Libra December Horoscope

Libra Horoscope

Health: There is positive news for the natives born under the sign of the scales as your health is likely to remain in fine spirits during the month of December 2021. The aspect of the protective planet Saturn on your ascendant house and ascendant venus is likely to protect you from the onset of the diseases during this month of December 2021. Although, the position of the Sun and Mercury also indicates that your resistance against diseases will be very high during this month of December 2021. However, the position of Jupiter in the fifth house may indicate that you may get a little lethargic during this period, which may lead to weight gain during this month. The position of Mars in the second house also indicates that your mouth may grow a little dry, so proper intake of water or properly hydrating yourself is of paramount importance during this month. So, barring these minor ailments, the rest of the month is good in terms of health.

Career: As far as career part is concerned for the Libran natives, the position of the ascendant lord Venus in the fourth house from 10th December has a direct aspect on the career and will provide auspicious results for the natives in terms of career and profession After that movement of Mercury in the third house along with the Sun will make your communication strong and authoritative and indicate that you will command great respect and coordination from your subordinates. You will be organised, structured and the presence of Mars in its own house of resources indicates that you will be able to utilise your resources to their optimum level, thus, increasing your productivity and efficiency. Luck and fortune are likely to support you in all your endeavors indicating great success and rewards. It also indicates that you will receive appreciation, rewards and support from your seniors, providing you with the necessary impetus to rise in your career. During this month of December 2021, you will be able to overcome your obstacles and enemies with ease as your strength and will power are likely to increase during this month of December 2021. Overall, a good month in terms of career and profession, however, the ascendant position in the fourth house may sometimes make you indolent and confined towards your comfort zone, this may lead to you missing on a lot of opportunities. So, be more action-oriented during this month to gain more from the opportunities.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: This month will be a mixed and interesting period in terms of love and relationships for the natives born under the sign of the scales. The position of the sixth house lord Jupiter in the fifth house and the fifth house lord Saturn in twelfth from itself indicates that there may be some ups and downs in the relationships, especially for the committed couples. This also indicates that you may try to mentor your partner too much, which may not go down well with your partner leading to altercations and clashes in the relationships. The position of the Sun and Mercury in the third house also indicates that you may also have very high expectations from your partners and you may become too much of a perfectionist and maybe a little overcritical in relationships, leading to problems, ups and downs. So, try to work on these tendencies of yours to achieve compatibility in relationships. However, those who are single are advised to be a little risky as because of the security issue, they may be averse to taking risks, which is of paramount importance in relationships. The movement of the Mars in your second house, eighth from itself indicates that your spouse will be very good in terms of handling responsibilities of your household and will be good with your parents, her in-laws. However, there are chances that her health issues may remain a source of worry and anxiety for you. Overall, a mixed-phase in terms of relationships.

Advice: Recite or listen to the Stories of the incarnation of Lord Parshuram as he is associated with the planet Venus. Put some cardamom seeds in your pocket and chew them before leaving for any important task. Recite “Sri Suktam” in the praise of Goddess Lakshmi. Perform prayers to Goddess Katyayani. Wear crystal bead rosary on Friday to get good results.

General: This month of December 2021 will be good for Librans in terms of profession, as your communication skills and your charisma will help you get better results at your workplace. You will be able to use your resources to their fullest potential and subordinates will be very cooperative leading to increased productivity and efficiency at the workplace. The students are also likely to perform better in their academics and studies during this month of December 2021. You will be also taking a keen interest in family affairs, which may see you enjoying good camaraderie with your family members. Your comforts and luxuries will also be on the rise and you are going to enjoy full support and affection from your friends. This month is also showing you acquiring ancestral property, stock, market and trading. It may also provide multiple sources of income for some of the natives born under the sign of the scales. Businessmen might find their businesses generating great revenues and might also earn good gains from undertaking travels and short trips. However, in terms of love and relationships, this period will provide mixed results for single natives in order to find security in relationships rather than love. They may miss certain opportunities to be with their special someone. Also, the committed couples may have some misunderstandings, miscommunications, ups and downs in relationships. Married natives might have worries and tension regarding the health of their spouse, which might not allow them to enjoy the relationship to the full.

Finance: As far as the monetary front is concerned, this month is a good month for the Libran natives, as you are likely to be inclined towards savings and accumulating wealth in this period. The presence of Mars in the second house indicates a good position for the natives. During the second week, the position of the Sun, your eleventh house lord in conjunction with the ninth house lord Mercury indicates that your efforts are going to lead you towards good gains and income from multiple sources till the end of the month. The aspect of Jupiter also on the eleventh house is going to provide new opportunities through your friends or subordinates during this month of December 2021. This is also a good indicator that you may earn from trading, stock markets etc. during this period. Businessmen are also likely to generate good sales and revenues during this month as the position of the Mercury and the Sun is going to help them expand their operations. The undertaking of Journeys will prove to be auspicious and beneficial and lead you towards profits and gains. This also indicates that using such forms of medium such as Social media, internet etc. will help you exchange the information of your product easily and help you expand your business. Those running the business in the form of partnerships are also likely to register great gains during this month of December 2021. So, overall a great month in terms of finances.

Family & Friends: The position of Venus, your ascendant lord in the fourth house indicates that you will take interest in family affairs right from the start. This will be further enhanced by the movement of Mars in the second house of the family, indicating that you are likely to get adequate support and affection from the family during this December month 2021. This position of the planets also indicates that you may receive good benefits from your mother, and it also indicates that your mother may also get good relief from some health problems that may have been bothering her for a long time. This also indicates that you may also acquire some ancestral property during this period and that your luxuries and comforts may rise during this month. The position of the Sun and Mercury in your third house also indicates that you may get good support and cooperation from siblings in this duration. Your friend circle will be very cooperative and will be present with you through your thick and thin during this month. So, overall a good month that will see you getting good family support.